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Too much roast? Try this recipe: Steak Bites

I know, I know... your family is tired of the traditional roast recipe. So you try a Mississippi Roast, but it's still a roast and you just don't want to hear it.

Many times what is left from beef box sales is roast so believe me - I hear it from all 3 little boys. I made the following recipe just for this reason.

Did you know that Chuck Roasts have a section in them that can be cut into a Chuck Eye Steak - also known as Poor Man's Ribeye. I take my extra Chuck Roasts and make Steak Bites. The kiddos love the flavor and that there is no cutting for little hands. I love it because it is super quick to cook.

I like to find a Chuck Roast without a bone. My reasoning with that is that the bone in version makes fantastic broth in a regular roast and make it a bit difficult to cut up for Steak Bites.

Once mostly defrosted, I just trim the roast up into 1"x1" cubes - removing most of the fat and all of the silver skin. I place them in an 8"x8" pan with salt and pepper and a ton of Worchestershire sauce and let them sit while I'm prepping the rice. The rice takes me about 20 minutes and the beef takes maybe 5.

I melt a half stick of salted butter in a cast iron, add a bit of olive oil and turn on Medium High (if gas) and Almost High (if electric). Then I just put the chunks in the butter once the oil starts bubbling and start them on the outside and move them to the middle when I flip them. They take about 1-2 minutes for each side so I can cook a whole Chuck Roast in about 5 minutes.

Then at the last moment I throw in the extra marinade and sliced mushrooms. I let the beef rest while I'm making plates and TA DA - a wonderful meal my kids LOVE!

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david ostrander
david ostrander
Sep 17, 2022

looks yummy, gotta try it

I wonder if i could do a burnt ends thing also?


Thanks - I can’t wait to try it.


Awesome. Thank you Blayre

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