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What Do I Get?

Every Whole or Half We Sell Is Custom Cut To Your Specifications

Every order of your local beef is custom cut to your specifications. Want only brisket, steaks and ground... we can do that. Want every cut under the sun... we can do that. But everyone is curious what they ACTUALLY get in an animal. If you were to add everything up, the value would be approximately $7,500 of beef. Here you can see an example of what we received in a recent cut.

Quarters and Eighths are not custom cut - they are cut in a standard cut sheet. We do not cut our briskets so you can add a brisket if you would like and we have them available.

While all processing is included in the fee, additional processing will be charged if extreme specialty cuts are requested - hide, head, tomahawks, etc - will all encounter an additional fee from the processor.

Below you can see exactly how we have our beef cut - the main cuts are listed and the text in bold shows our selections with other options being in the regular type font.

Cuts Graphic.jpg
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