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Queso with Barnard Beef - Submitted by Monica Doyle

We are Texans. Therefore, we must love Queso. No questions!

Monica Doyle (Gatesville, TX) recently shared her Queso recipe with Barnard Beef. It sounded (and looked) amazing so I thought I would share her recipe!

Monica shared her recipe for this AMAZING TEXAN GOODNESS:

Block of Velveeta

Block of Cream Cheese

2 Regular Cans of Rotel (20% more version if found)

Chopped, Pickled Jalapenos + a little juice

1 Pound Barnard Ground Beef - sautéed

Taco Seasonings for Beef

Small Can of Chopped Green Chilies

Throw in the crock pot and warm on low - stirring every so often so the sides don't burn!

Thanks so much for sharing, Monica!

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