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Married to a RancHer

Most people assume when we say we are ranchers that my husband, Douglas Landrum, is the Rancher. He immediately recognizes that look on their face and says, "No, SHE is the RancHer. I'm just the husband." People never know how to react to that. I think most men would find saying something like that as de-masculating (is that a word?). Not my husband. He just takes it in stride. After 16 years of wedded bliss and following me all over for my career(s), he has become quite amazing at rolling with the punches.

For example, what inspired this post... today instead of the calm Saturday we hoped for, I had to check grazing all over the county while he homeschooled the kids, then lunch at the salebarn and fixing a rental property dishwasher before I had to head back and work the fresh calves with the men. Instead of taking the kids so he could do something fun after homeschooling all week or even just snuggling up and watching a show, he took the kids with him while I worked and got covered in blood, sweat, dirt, pee and poo... lots and lots of poo. As I was jumping in the truck to move the cattle into their fresh green pen, I realized I was in HIS. BRAND. NEW. Family TRUCK. This sucker still has the paper license plates. And I'm about to go down the road in it after animals that are disoriented and stressed and probably just wanting their mommy.

I posted on my personal FB page the following:

After 16 years of wedded bliss, why did you get a divorce?


And then... guess who was driving up and blocking the far lane for me...

When I drove up to him, was he mad? Was he annoyed? I was worried. This is the first absolutely 100% new car he has ever had.

Nope. He just kept rolling with the punches. Smiled. Waved. Made a joke about it and offered to put out the last two bales of hay for me so I could go watch a show with the boys.

I truly believe the most important decision of your life is who you marry. It impacts so much of your future and every aspect of your life. My parents had a very messy divorce when I was 11 and I NEVER wanted to get married. He didn't either. Here we are. 3 kids. 16 years. 3 cross country moves. 10 full home remodels - 2 while living in the house. 6 businesses. Still best friends. Wouldn't be a RancHer without "just the husband." I feel fortunate to get to spend every day explaining to him why he is way more than that. ~B

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