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HOTEC Features Barnard Beef Cattle Co

In the March 2021 Issue of Texas Coop Power for Heart of Texas Electric Coop Members, Barnard Beef Cattle Company was featured. We shared the post on our social media and several people have asked about the story so I typed it up here.

March 2021

Texas Coop Power

Barnard Beef Cattle Company Helps the Hungry

Samuel Jackson Barnard, a sharecropper from the Mound area, made his name as a farm manager nearly four generations ago. Subsequent generations of the Barnard family have carried on their patriarch's farming and ranching ties, growing the business and supporting the community.

David S. Barnard, a Texas Tech University graduate and member of the Texas Bankers Hall of Fame, went on to establish Barnard Beef Cattle Company, which today has a strong presence in the area. David was active in the community, serving a tenure as president of National United Bank and receiving many honors.

Before his death in 2018, David passed the torch of the family business to his daughter, Blayr Barnard. Blayr assumed the responsibilities of managing the ranch and, doubling down on her father's work ethic, grew the cattle operation substantially. The ranch is 7,500 acres and has enjoyed success in the cattle industry.

Last year, seeing the hardship that the community endured because of the COVID-10 pandemic, the Barnards held 33 of their steers to process them for the local community. They sold the beef at wholesale prices to lend a helping hand, carrying on the generous spirit of David S. Barnard.

The Barnard family continues to exert a positive influence, whether it's supporting the nation's beef supply or simply being there for local families in trying times.


Thanks to Heart of Texas Coop Electric for the wonderful story!

Thanks to Tiffany Sanders of Captured Moments by Tiffany for the family photo!

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